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How the tail fin of a Boeing 737 came to QCS

In memory of the year 2016 ... or why there is a tail fin in front of our main building ... The new eye-catcher from Quick Cargo Service In Mörfelden-Walldorf, a riddle is making the rounds: Question: Do you know the Quick Cargo company? Answer: No. Question: Do you know where the huge tail fin of an airplane is? Answer: yes. In Kurhessenstrasse, in front of a freight forwarder. Finding: [...]

Container Freight Station and Distribution Center in Hamburg

Since 2012, Quick-Cargo has been offering the complete distribution portfolio in the Hamburg sea freight center in addition to the main sea routes and all customs clearance variants. In QCS’s own Container Freight Station we offer you a comprehensive service portfolio: from professional container loading and unloading, storage capacities in the areas of block and racking to fulfillment storage options and picking on demand. With us your [...]

QCS trip down memory lane: Interview with Dieter Haltmayer

or you should never forget your roots. In 1974 Dieter Haltmayer founded Quick-Cargo. Despite his advanced age, he is still very active and can be found in the office almost every day. Freight determined his life and still does. The world of logistics and QCS has changed over the past 46 years. [...]

Quick-Cargo "Unloading fees at Frankfurt Airport weakens the location and affects medium-sized companies"

Quick Cargo Managing Director Stephan Haltmayer on the “FCS at Frankfurt Airport” case: “The dispute that has broken out here contains many-layered aspects. In essence, however, it is a question of who is responsible for the discharge? The legal basis for us - from the point of view of the freight forwarders - is simple: We have a contract with the respective airline, which in turn [...]

Regular onboard courier service to McAllen (Texas)

Low production costs are a must for the automotive industry. It becomes critical when there are delays in the production process. As in the present case with an American customer of our Stuttgart branch. And that over a planned longer period of time. A line standstill must be prevented at all costs, as this results in exorbitant downtime costs. Always the fastest possible [...]