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Our aerospace logistics service for the returning travel sector

 Corona is still changing people's everyday lives, and travel and entry restrictions still apply. The summer holidays are approaching and with it the main travel season in Europe. At the airports in Germany, preparations are currently underway for increased tourist traffic. For example, at Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2 is to be reopened there in June, a sign of the restart. [...]

Aerospace shipment from Schönefeld to Maastricht

Below are a few pictures of today's Aeorospace shipment from Berlin Schönefeld to Maastricht We are your partner for aerospace logistics Quick Cargo can help you and transport critical parts worldwide. In these difficult times, we offer you the right logistical solution for your maintenance, repair or maintenance activities. As a member of the Aerospace Logistics Group, we have [...]

AOG helicopter project from Quick Cargo Switzerland

The project consisted of the simultaneous collection of two helicopters and transportation by air and by road. The successful implementation of a project of this scope and complexity required a team of technical and logistical specialists, which was successfully achieved through open, honest and collective good cooperation. As a member of the Aerospace Logistics Group, [...]