Daily archive: Aerospace logistics

Heavy Lift Award in London

We are proud to be a member of the Aerospace Logistics Group (ALG)! Last week we had the honor of representing ALG together with Qualified Cargo Solutions GmbH and B&H Worldwide at the HeavyLiftAwards. The ALG was honored as Network of the Year! The Heavy Lift Awards were presented for the third time in a row to [...]

Our aerospace logistics service for the returning travel sector

 Corona is still changing people's everyday lives, and travel and entry restrictions still apply. The summer holidays are approaching and with it the main travel season in Europe. At the airports in Germany, preparations are currently underway for increased tourist traffic. For example, at Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2 is to be reopened there in June, a sign of the restart. [...]

Aerospace shipment from Schönefeld to Maastricht

Below are a few pictures of today's Aeorospace shipment from Berlin Schönefeld to Maastricht We are your partner for aerospace logistics Quick Cargo can help you and transport critical parts worldwide. In these difficult times, we offer you the right logistical solution for your maintenance, repair or maintenance activities. As a member of the Aerospace Logistics Group, we have [...]