Medium-sized company with tradition

QCS - Quick Cargo Service QCS – Quick Cargo Service was founded in 1974 by Mr Dieter Haltmayer.

The generation change was successfully completed years ago. All three children of the company founder work in the company: son Stephan Haltmayer as CEO, daughter Heidi Haltmayer as director of administration and Dr. Jennifer Melnyk reports to the finance department.

Dieter Haltmayer is the president and founder of Quick Cargo Service GmbH, one of the leading sea and airfreight logistics companies in europe. QCS is both a genuine family company and a truly international enterprise.

The headquarters in Germany are near the business and transport metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt airport. The company has over 200 employees in german and europewide branch offices

In the year 2000 Dieter Haltmayer also founded IGLU Air Cargo, an airfreight purchasing cooperative for medium sized forwarders.

Company founder Dieter Haltmayer on the success of the company:

“It is worth considering what distinguishes a company which has been successful in business for such a long time. Most such companies have value-orientated rules and principles, which need to be maintained while simultaneously monitoring market developments and keeping up with them. We are known for keeping our promises and we also expect the same from others."

Success in our industry can only be achieved together. So partnerships and trustful cooperation are the be-all and end-all for us. Andreas Otto CEO and Sales of Lufthansa Cargo once about us “Haltmayer would rather lose money than the trust of its customers. Another important aspect for us is strengthening the regional economy and investing in the skilled workers of tomorrow. Every year we train around 40 trainees throughout the company ”.