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Safe and compliant (post)Brexit logistics!

Trust in Quick Cargo Service. Did you know: We have our own warehouse and office in London. Get in touch with our team: Tel. +44 (0) 1753 681900. Brexit is over and there are still a few stumbling blocks in the market. For example, the workload increases and the flow of goods after [...]

Brexit transition phase ends on 31.12.2020

One thing is certain: there is no agreement that upholds the status quo. What is currently being discussed between the EU and the UK is a duty-free trade agreement similar to the one between the EU and Canada. The UK has indicated that it is unwilling to remain part of the EU Customs Union because it controls its borders and its own [...]

Will IMO 2020 revolutionize maritime shipping?

IMO 2020 - Background information As of January 1, 2020, ships will only be allowed to use fuels with a maximum sulfur content of 0,5 percent. The current standard is fuels with a sulfur limit of 3,5 percent. The so-called IMO2020 regulation is the first of a series of measures by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to reduce marine pollution. Quick-Cargo sea freight manager [...]

Quick-Cargo "Unloading fees at Frankfurt Airport weakens the location and affects medium-sized companies"

Quick Cargo Managing Director Stephan Haltmayer on the “FCS at Frankfurt Airport” case: “The dispute that has broken out here contains many-layered aspects. In essence, however, it is a question of who is responsible for the discharge? The legal basis for us - from the point of view of the freight forwarders - is simple: We have a contract with the respective airline, which in turn [...]