The team of experts in China is at your side

Quick Cargo Service has traditionally been well known for its good relationships with Asia and also handles a considerable share of its transports with imports and exports to and from China.

For some years now, Quick Cargo Service has established its own China team at the Frankfurt location, including native speakers, in order to do adequate service to the growing importance of imports from China and exports to China.

The two logistics experts Yuanyuan Zhang and Mengying Xiang, alongside other international employees, form the China team at Quick Cargo Service. The team is the bridge between the Chinese partners and Quick-Cargo-Service. Furthermore, the team maintains intensive relations with the airlines in question in order to be able to guarantee the best possible freight rates to China. The team also serves German customers who export or import goods to China. The two Chinese women support the colleagues of all Quick Cargo branches with cultural or language-related questions about the freight business to China. "In this way, an optimal process can be guaranteed for all parties involved and all sides feel well understood and advised. Cultural misunderstandings in particular can be quickly cleared up in this way," emphasises Yuanyuan Zhang. Furthermore, the close monitoring of the Chinese freight market and the market situation in general is on the daily agenda of the China team. " After all, this is how we can offer our customers optimal service and advice," assures Mengying Xiang. "We are the problem solvers. Smooth transports between China and Germany are our area of expertise," Yuanyuan Zhang concludes..

Freight capacity to China with attractive rates

Even in the second year of the pandemic, air freight capacities to China and the Asian region are still scarce. The situation will not improve with the Chinese New Year celebrations in February. Therefore: Secure your freight space to China now at attractive rates.

Thanks to our long-standing contacts with established airlines and agents in China, we can offer you stable rates for your imports from China.


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