Quick Ship It: Mission (im)possible – 65 tonnes from Italy to Nigeria within a very short time

Large tonnage, demanding the quickest possible delivery – a scenario that might cause many a project manager to break out in a sweat, and the kind of challenge that Quick Cargo Service gladly accepts. Valves for an oil platform had to be transported from the factory near Milan to Nigeria as quickly as possible.

On a Friday we received the information that the shipment was ready for collection and had to be in Lagos by the following Friday. The issues of pre-carriage and the extreme size of the shipment made these demands seem impossible. But thanks to the efforts of all involved in the transportation process, in the end it was a “Mission Possible” after all. On the very same day we were able to arrange collection in Italy through our longstanding partner GLEXX Aircargotrucking.

Just three days later the first part of the shipment was loaded and the remainder on the following day. The second stage, the flight to Lagos, was also quickly planned to perfection. We decided to work with the GSA Network Airline Services who represent the airline Allied Air. That same day we informed the GSA how urgent the shipment was and when it was to be delivered in Liege.

The GSA did not hesitate for a second and pulled out all the stops to make the impossible possible. Ultimately, the airline was able to provide us with two planes (a 747F and an MD11). The time window for reloading was also extremely small: the last packages were delivered at 9 a.m. the day before the deadline, and the first plane was supposed to take off at 15 p.m. The entire freight could be handed over in Lagos punctually on Friday!

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