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    The spread of COVID-19 is having an increasing impact on global supply chains and is creating problems for companies worldwide especially now also in Europe: Several airlines have already drastically reduced their flight offerings or are planning appropriate measures. In some countries especially in Italy freedom of movement is now severely restricted, and entry regulations have been tightened up for both air and road transport. With the outbreak of COVID-19 worsening in Italy, the decision has been taken to restrict movement across the country until the 3rd of April. Transports for supply chain and working needs are exempt from these restrictions. Pickup and delivery of goods will still be allowed, along with free movement of shipments in and out of the country.

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    The global demand for airfreight continues to decrease. In July the airlines’ association IATA recorded a minus of 3.2% for freight tonnage in comparison with the previous year. Now is the time to contact Quick Cargo. We may help you find a long-term solution with the airlines, at a locked in rate.

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    In case of a “no-deal” Brexit on October 31, 23:00 GMT, the United Kingdom will be considered a “third country” by the EU under customs rule. Time has come to make preparations! Do you need help?

    We guarantee you quick customs processes, thanks to AEO certification!

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    The airfreight market in Germany is currently weakening. The ADV reports that the amount of freight transported in the first quarter of this year fell by 2% to 1.18 million tons.

    The strongest growth – both in absolute and in percentage terms – was at the Hahn Airport with a plus of 3.4%, or 724,000 tons of freight.

    Amongst the large airports, Cologne/Bonn saw the biggest fall for the first quarter with 4.3% less freight. At Lufthansa Cargo’s annual press conference, Peter Gerber described this development as a slump in the market (caused by uncertainty over trade disputes between China and the USA, the ongoing Brexit drama and possible punitive customs measures by the USA), but one that nevertheless seems likely to be short-term in nature, because there are large trends that run in the opposite direction: global population growth and the associated increase in demand for goods, as well as rising incomes, all of which should give airfreight a boost in the years ahead.


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    Amongst its other business, QCS Berlin has a focus on the art and event sector. One long standing customer is the company Artseco (a contraction of Art Service Company). The company is a partner of galleries, collectors and artists, with a service portfolio encompassing transport, storage, gallery services, exhibition services, arrangement of catering services and much more. For airfreight transportation the company has continually turned to Quick Cargo Berlin and a close business relationship has developed over the years. Therefore Robert Weckwerth, branch-office manager in Berlin, was invited to participate in an Artseco customer course and to give a speech.

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