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Aktuelles von QCS

Quick Cargo Service is spread over all important economical regions in Europe. Since a few weeks we do have a new branch manager for our office London. Richard Arnold! He has been working for the company for many years.

Richard Arnold - New branch manager for Quick Cargo UKFollowing an interview with Richard:

Pls give us an overview of the UK Team and the business activities of Quick Cargo UK?

We are a small but very motivated and dynamic team with a wealth of experience . Our staff have a high level of knowledge across many areas of the supply chain to support our customer’s requests.  We believe that there are still clients who appreciate service and personal communications. Most importantly we work like we are a family and ensure that our clients also feel part of this family when they call upon us.

Do you have core industries?

We are heavily involved in the movement of products such as Skincare, Cosmetics, Clothing, Aerospace, Automotive, Hitech, Art and Exhibitions. We also manage a lot of cross trade shipments.

Why should customers call the UK Team, what is your USP?

I don’t really like this term but I will say no 2 companies are the same and each person is unique so our USP is just us, our people, culture and mentality

Perhaps more suited to our USP  it involves these letters

U = Upsell – We encourage our staff to up sell to our clients at every opportunity

S = Service – We provide our clients with exceptional customer service to ensure they receive the best experience and gain trust in our services

P = Protect – We protect our clients needs and find them money saving solutions and even introduce them to new suppliers or clients so they can grow. We believe to receive you must also give.

One challenging, or interesting, or curios shipment (something special…. If possible with pictures?)

Nothing exciting I am afraid although we have been asked to send out many products of our high end skincare brands to very famous people in the USA such as actors, singers, TV presenters, instagram influencers etc. If I see a youtuber talking about the products it makes me feel proud that we are part of the brands journey.

What`s the advantages of the UK offices for QCS maybe also in terms of Brexit.

Firstly I would say in our thoughts and mentality to us nothing changes. We are European and feel no differently and at QCS UK we still feel part of the EU group. I feel once political agreements are ironed out there will be no difference to the relationship. Whatever politicians decide friends are friends no matter the flag or the borders. You can never overcome people.

Perhaps it is more of an advantage to have an office in the UK even more now post Brexit.  The UK is a big buyer and seller of goods globally and with the current uncertainty and because of the changes clients and agents will need more help and advice to help them ship to and from the UK.  For us we hope it leads to increased trade with the rest of the world and perhaps we might once again start to manufacture British goods in Britain after-all it has worked very well for Germany for many years.

What do you want to achieve for the branch office within the next 12 months?  

To survive and keep all my staff and clients and most importantly be profitable.

If we are profitable we can invest in the company and help our wonderful team have good careers as they are our biggest asset.  We want to be a company people aspire to work for. This company demands that we work with nice clients who respect  and trust us as we do them and see us as a valued partners.  Friendship and good relationships for me is the key to a successful business and this I found within the whole QCS group. It is a company full of nice, helpful and talented people and for me an honour to be a part of.

What is the current situation in Corona times at the UK branch office, what is going well, what could go better? What is the situation in UK generally?

We are fully operational with a skeleton staff and we miss each other and miss the office camaraderie of being together.

Despite the challenges working is a welcome distraction and every booking in the current situation feels like a small victory for us and another step towards better times when the whole team can reunite.

We are healthy and we are working every day so we must count ourselves fortunate.

The UK is the same as many EU countries in that we are guided by our government’s and we do not know how long this recovery will take. A deep recession is being forecast but in my opinion we just have to ignore the media and not worry or make excuses over the things we cannot control and if we focus on doing our jobs to the best of our ability and looking after our clients and company then we will achieve our goals.


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