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Aktuelles von QCS

Low production costs are a necessity in the automotive industry. But things become critical when there is an assembly line standstill or delays in the production process. This was the case with an American customer of our Stuttgart office, and planned to remain so for an extended period of time. An assembly line standstill has to be avoided at any cost, because the costs involved in a loss of production can be exorbitant. For our customer the most important criteria were the fastest delivery possible and the highest security. It was a Herculean logistical task which we were happy to accept.

Onboard courier service guarantees the highest security

Regular onboard courier service to McAllen, TexasThe goods were generally between 20kg and 80kg and were made ready for transport at night in order to be flown directly to the States in the morning. The customer arranged a regular onboard courier service with is. We booked the optimal flights and took care of all transportation formalities, from transport insurance to customs clearance. After the courier has taken off the shipments are already pre-cleared for customs, so that on arrival they are customs cleared and must only be presented, allowing for an optimal use of time. Naturally our onboard couriers are well trained and speak the language of the country they are travelling to fluently, so that they can directly deal with any difficulties with importation. This allows for the quickest possible delivery and, above all, the highest possible security is ensured at all times. With our onboard courier service we take responsibility for your sensitive shipments in person, from collection to delivery and never let the freight out of our sight.

Three to four times a week the Quick Cargo branch office receives a call at night, for which they are always on standby to quickly arrange the transport procedure for the next morning. At 9:00 AM the courier is sitting punctually in the plane to Houston with the goods as his luggage. Then in Houston the courier takes a domestic flight on to McAllen.


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